“My PF Withdrawal application was successful” ~Thanks to OnlineRTI

“My PF Withdrawal application was successful” ~Thanks to OnlineRTI

In 2010, Yati Sharma, employed in a leading software firm in Mumbai, left her job to travel to the USA with her husband. In 2016 she returned to India and a few months later was diagnosed with arthritis, for the treatment of which she needed a lot of money. She had meager savings and did not wish to burden her parents or her husband, with the expense of her treatment; and therefore, decided to use the money accumulated in her PF account.

Yati applied for a withdrawal on the EPF government website to pay for her treatment. As luck would have it, there was no update andshe waited for months for a response from the EPFO.

What to do if PF withdrawal doesn't happen?

Yati then contacted her 2 previous employers for her provident fund account number, as back then there was no UAN number and separate companies offered separate PF account numbers. The human resource departments in both the companies told her that they would need time to find out her PF details.

Get Help from Regional EPFO

She was left helpless and did not know whom to turn to. But, Yati was not disheartened, she went to the regional EPFO office, who too refused to assist, as she could not furnish her PF number because none of her employers had given her the PF account numbers.

Finally, she could fill the PF withdrawal form with her ex employers, but by the time, the employer submitted the form on September, 2015 to the EPFO after processing it, 2 months had already passed. Unfortunately, 6 months later in March, 2016 she was informed by EPFO that her details had been misplaced and she had to go through the ordeal of the process again.

Since, then her file was stuck with them and she had no idea how and when she would get the money.

File a Complaint

At this point, she made up her mind to file a complaint.

But, she realized that the complaint was closed without any resolution and her problem was not solved.

Tired and annoyed, Yati came to the decision that she would file a PF RTI with OnlineRTI and we were eager to help her out of the situation in which she was stuck. On deliberation, we came to know that she was unaware of the recent changes in the PF policies.

We Informed Her About the Latest Changes

How OnlineRTI helped file PF RTI

Our experts explained to her that the rules and systems in collecting the PF money has changed over the years, allowing an individual to own only 1 UAN number across all companies and not different numbers. Thus, even if she had worked in multiple organizations, the PF number and UAN number would be the same; and so, she should get transferred her previous company’s money to the present PF account through an online application submission.

We informed her that the EPFO has in recent times made it compulsory for all pensioners and subscribers to submit their Aadhaar number, which will make linking EPF account, bank account, pension account and Aadhaar number an easy process.

The linking, in turn facilitates the applicants in availing a range of other facilities like, pension fixation and online withdrawal. This not only brings transparency, but also expedites the process. Aadhaar seeding also makes sure that you do not need the attestation of your employer while applying for the withdrawal.

We helped her download the Form 19 for PF withdrawals from the EPFO website. As per the rule, we suggested that she enters her name exactly as she had mentioned in the Aadhaar card, UAN and bank account, address, mobile number, PAN card number, the date of joining and the reason for leaving.

Our RTI experts assisted her in the entire process, by telling her what other documents she should attach for completing the process in the complete way. She also had to make sure that the bank account number in the UAN database and the bank account number she gave were the same.

Even the slightest change in the account numbers could get the application get disapproved.

OnlineRTI Assisted Yati in Her Endeavor

Once she had correctly followed the steps to apply for withdrawal, 2 more months passed and she needed to know what exactly the status of her application was and this time we suggested she file an online RTI.

Filing EPF RTI Online

Unlike drafting an RTI manually, EPF RTI online does not require the applicant to visit a post office or take the effort to draft a letter. Our experts assisted her to prepare a correct EPF RTI application.

Addressed to the Central Public Information Officer (CPIO),Office of Provident Fund Commissioner,
Employees Provident Fund Organisation
and the PF office address of the state, the form consists of the following.
(a) Name,
(b) Full Address,
(c) PF Account Number,
(d) Contact Number,
(e) Date, place and your Email id.

We asked her to mention all her queries regarding her PF. The form consists of a declaration stating that the applicant is a citizen of India and requesting fast processing of the application within 30 days. RTI professionals helped her in each and every step, right from filing the PF withdrawal correctly to the submission of the RTI.

Thanks to the simple RTI PF withdrawal form, it took her a few minutes to complete her RTI. We filed her application on 20th May, 2017 and in a week, she got a crisp reply to her RTI.

As per the EPFO reply, she learnt about the exact status of her PF withdrawal. In the course of time, we heard from her as she thanked us for our services in helping her get the RTI PF claim status of her withdrawal application and ultimate success in getting the money on 31st May 2017.

You too can file an RTI with OnlineRTI and get quick response to your grievances.

We ensure a fast track solution in which you do not even have to step into a government office.

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