Kanpur University Marksheet Verification: RTI Success Story

Kanpur University Marksheet Verification: RTI Success Story

Anup Kumar, a student of C.S.J.M.U received a mark sheet for his B.A. degree course. But, he was not sure whether the report was valid or not. Not only that, he was also not confirmed whether the roll number on the mark sheet was a true or a false one, fabricated only for convincing a naive student and whether the course was a regular or a private one. He also wanted to know the date and time of admission and leaving the college.

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Why Should a Student Know About the Genuineness of Passing Documents?

Knowing the authenticity of the college would help him to know if the certificate and the marksheet were of any importance or not.

Without authentic documents showing is eligibility, getting a job would become almost impossible for him.

It is all the more important for a student enrolled in a distance education course, as he or she does not get to see the college campus or the lecturers physically.

As per, the Section 2(f) of the RTI Act, by the Indian government, a student has the right to obtain various details in regard to the realness of the degree or the details of the affiliation that is proffered to the university.

Moreover, the scandal of fake marksheets is something that bothers even the most experienced and seasoned people, and Anup was just a young man, with very little knowledge about the intentions of a corrupt person.

Anup’s Initial Steps to Marksheet Verification

To clarify his doubts and to ensure marksheet verification, at first, he sent a complaint to the State Public Information Officer with his queries, which are as follows.

(1) The roll number was valid or not
(2) The date for admission to college and the date for leaving
(3) The course was private or regular

When his complaint was returned to him by the SIC because it was an issue under the jurisdiction of the Central Information Commission, he approached the Commission and beseeched them to take the aptest measure in regard to the matter.

Anup was still not satisfied with the speed at which the work was moving and came in contact with us.

He was worried, as he had heard some of his acquaintances go through the ordeal of getting false marksheets from unaffiliated colleges, who could not display any proof of their qualification to HR professionals at companies they went for an interview. Hailing from a middle class family, he was urgently looking for a job as his father was about to retire.

OnlineRTI for Kanpur University Marksheet Verification

We gave him the following information to expedite the results of his queries.
Our Experts informed him that if the university is a government institute, he can simply file an online RTI in the office of the PIO (Public Information Officer) of the university. The name of the PIO is mentioned on the website of the university.

We told him that he has to make sure that he gives the right address, unless he wants the application to get rejected. In the event that the university has not appointed a PIO, he should address the PIO of the university, but send it to the registrar of the university and make a query as to the marksheet has actually been sent by the university or not, in which case the application will be sent to the concerned department within 5 days, as per the rules.

We suggested him to ask all other questions he had about his degree verification like, the validity of the roll number, college admission and leaving date (year) and private or regular course. He was advised to fill up the form with his name, course name, university name, roll number and year.

Besides, we asked him to fill up the form with his phone number and address.In the event that his application details are not clear, we promised to get back to him via phone. His address was important, as he would get the attested certificates at the address that he provided in the form.

Since, our payment procedure is smooth and hassle-free through a secure online gateway, we asked him to be rest assured while making the payment.

Besides the fees of the PIO, the money will also include the fees for all the services we offer you.

We also told him that if required, our legal experts involved in his CJSM marksheet verification would get in touch with him and ask for the necessary documents such as his marksheet and his proof of identity.

Our RTI experts created a draft, so that he could check it and give a green signal from his end. We made sure that the file was drafted as per the norms of the RTI Act 2005 best practices.
We waited for the final approval of the applicant and finally sent the application to the concerned department on his behalf.
Our team of RTI experts gathered all relevant information and documents required for the application and assisted him to file the application.

He sent us an RTI and within a month, he was contacted by his university. He was excited and happy and sent us a mail stating that the university had confirmed the originality of the marksheet and the validity of the degree. It turned out that his college was affiliated to Kanpur University. Are you in the same queue as Anup? File an online RTI and stay assured that your query will be answered in no time.


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