What are the options YOU have as a student, to file an RTI related to State University Exams?

What are the options YOU have as a student, to file an RTI related to State University Exams?

If you are a student looking to file an RTI related to State University Exams, then you are just at the right place. If you wish to get your marksheet or degree verified, or wish to obtain a copy of your answer sheet to know about the authenticity of your result - then RTI is your best friend :)

So, here’s all you need to know in how RTI can actually help you out - what options do you have to file an RTI related to State University Exams.

Options to file an RTI related to State University Exams

1. Online application

The government has a special portal from which students can file an RTI online.Click here to get to the portal or simply enter rtionline.gov.in in your browser. However, it must be noted that through this portal, only information relating to central government departments can be asked. So, if the matter is related to central government exams or central government affiliated university - this portal can help you. To know how to file your RTI using the above official portal, click here.

If you need to file an RTI pertaining to a university belonging to a specific state, this portal cannot be used. However, there is a way which is much easier. It is discussed a little later in the post.

2.Sending application through PIO - Offline

PIO is the public information officer to whom the RTI application has to be submitted when you are seeking information offline.

Do remember that a set format needs to be followed and your RTI must reach the Public Information Officer of the area along with the applicable fees.

In case your RTI is rejected, an application with the first appellate authority must be submitted.

To know the correct format to file your RTI in English, click here. For the correct RTI format in Hindi, refer here. To file a first appeal, click here.

3.File an RTI for State University Exams - The Easiest Way

This is the method we were talking about earlier. The easiest method perhaps, is by sending an application online in a way which takes care of the fact that all factors resulting in rejection are taken care of, thus ensuring you get the right answers for the questions you ask.

Wondering how this can be done? The answer is quite simple!

OnlineRTI.com lets you file an RTI in under 15 minutes and assures you of satisfactory results. All you need to do it fill up a simple online form and provide the details of the university. And all this in simple plain English - no technicalities. Once you submit the form successfully on our portal, our team will get back to you to understand the further details of your query. That’s it!

We will take care of the rest! We save your time, effort and research through our team of RTI experts who know exactly what documents are to be attached to your application and the department that needs to be addressed.

You need not leave your home for it…. Or run around place to place seeking the information for the department, PIO, formats, fees, what forms to attach or fill, what documents are required etc.

Here’s how we can simplify the RTI applications for State University Exams.

Also, here’s one of our many success stories where OnlineRTI helped students, just like yourself, successfully file an RTI and got results.

An RTI Success Story

Few months ago, Teresa had filed an RTI using the OnlineRTI portal as she was unhappy with her marks in Civil Services Mains which were conducted in the year 2015 in December.

She was sure that there are some discrepancy in her English Essay paper correction. She had scored 69 marks out of 250 and told online RTI,

"This was extremely below my average performance."

In her previous attempt of Civil Services Mains 2014, she had scored 139 in the same essay paper. Also, in the year 2015 her score was good in all other papers which made her doubtful of the evaluation process and made her worry that her marks may be due to some error.

That is when she got in touch with us, and we filed an RTI on Teresa’s behalf and sent it to UPSC.

After a short period of time, we were delighted to hear from her. She sent an email to us in which she wrote that the UPSC had confirmed that there was no calculation mistake or errors in the entry of her marks. Furthermore, no pages were missing from her answer sheet.

This was a major relief for her as she got to know exactly what was wrong with the paper and that the evaluation process had been carried out flawlessly - This took away all the anxiety and stress of her being in the dark and thinking that it may have been some error which resulted in the lower marks. However, she is now satisfied with the process as everything was there for her to see - she did have a clarity for her marks.

That’s not it - there are more than 50,000 students like Teresa who have successfully filed an RTI through OnlineRTI.com and have received checked answer sheets. Here are some more success stories you can check them here, here and here.

If you also wish to receive copy of your answersheet or want to confirm the authenticity of your degree, visit Onlinerti.com and file an RTI today!


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