When is RTI Applicable?

When is RTI Applicable?

In legal terminology, "Public Information" is the information that is collected, assembled or maintained under a law or decree, or in connection with the transaction of official business for a governmental body and the latter owns the information or has the right of accessing it.

There are a number of times wherein the common public might need this ‘public information’ and thanks to RTI Act of 2005, they have all the right to ask for it. The Right to Information Act 2005 enables all Indian citizens to ask for any sort of government information whenever required - except in certain cases, as seen here

There are a number of scenarios where the RTI is applicable, read further to know about some of them.

Scenarios Where RTI is Applicable

1. Delay in Passports

There are times when your passport might be delayed due to some unknown reasons. You need not keep on waiting and do nothing as the RTI is applicable in this scenario. Simply file an RTI and wait for the authorities to respond. Click here to file an RTI in case of delay in passports.

2. Refund in Income Tax

You can get a tax refund on your income tax in case the tax you owe is less than the sum of the total amount of the withholding taxes and estimated taxes that you paid, plus the refundable tax credits that you claim. You are entitled to receive the Income Tax refund within three months and an RTI can be filed in case your funds are blocked. Click here to file an RTI in case of Income Tax Refund delay.

3. Marksheet/ Degree Verification

If you have any doubts regarding the authenticity of your university degree or mark sheet, you can use RTI to verify them. All you need to do is provide the university details by filling a simple online form to check mark sheets for universities including KSOU, UPBTE, MANAV BHARTI UNIVERSITY, BTER, UPTU, EIILM and more. Click here to file an RTI in case of marksheet/ degree verification.

4. Status of FIR

Recently reported a case to the police and haven’t gotten a reply? Do not worry as the status of an FIR can also be checked by filing an RTI. Simply Click here to file an RTI to track the status of an FIR.

5. Pension Application

If you are a government employee and haven’t received any response to your pension application, you can freely contact the answerable department through filing an RTI and get the status of your pension application.

6. MP/ MLA’s Funds Enquiry

RTI is a powerful tool and can be used even to enquire about the funds of any MP or MLA. Click here to file an RTI to enquire about the same.

7. And…. some more

There are a number of other cases where an RTI can be filed. For example, to get occupancy certificates, get an answer copy, to enquire about status of EPF and so on...

Here are some more scenarios [in graphical form], when an RTI can be filed...

RTI for Personal Cases

RTI for Social Causes

Even though you can sought any information regarding the RTI, there are a few exceptions. Information that pose a threat to national security and involves a person’s private rights do not fall under the RTI Act. To know more about where the RTI is not applicable, click here.

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