When RTI is Difficult?

When RTI is Difficult?

Each citizen of India is entitled to the Right of Information under the RTI act, which helps them seek any sort of information from the public authorities. Under the Right to Information Act 2005, a person might seek any information from a government department. However, there are a few exceptions where RTI is not applicable and some cases when it can be difficult to get answers. Click here to read when the RTI isn’t applicable.

In order to obtain information, a citizen must file an RTI application addressed to the department which is expected to reveal information. Although this might seem to be an easy task, there are times when filing RTI can be difficult

When is RTI Difficult?

There are a number of cases when it can be difficult to file an RTI, some of them are as follows:

1. When many offices are involved:

There are times when more than one offices are involved in providing an information. For instance, you demand to ask for the funds of an MLA/MP. There can be more than one government department involved. In such a scenario, a normal person might be confused as to whom the application should be addressed.

Experts’ help can be sought so that the application can be addressed to the correct government department.

2. Rejection Issues

There are certain Public Information Officers who have a habit of rejecting an application on the slightest grounds. The PIO, in this case, doesn’t forward the application to the authorities. This is a serious problem and in order to get an application through such an officer, you need to ensure that the RTI application is complete in all respects.

The minute details must be taken care of, and sometimes, people aren’t aware of these. This is when an expert must be consulted so that you can draft the RTI perfectly and no PIO is able to reject the application.

3. Many Appeals for Similar Cases:

Some state affairs such as construction of road, repairing of street lights, enquiry about a certain project etc. have many people filing RTI’s for them. In such a scenario, since there are multiple appeals for similar cases, chances are that your RTI application is rejected. This is because when there are too many appeals, the PIO will think twice before forwarding an application, or simply put it on hold, so as to avoid unnecessary burden on the department in question.

He will examine each application closely and will deny if the application has the hint of even a slight error.

4. When the Case is Unique

If you are filing an RTI regarding a new issue, chances are it is going to be difficult. This is because, the procedure might not be familiar and you might not be aware of the department that concerns this issue.

Since the case is unique, platforms such as the internet and social media might also be of no use.

You need to consult a legal expert in this matter who is well versed with the RTI 2005 to get the best results.

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