[Woman’s Day Special]: RTI Success Story [3 Of 5]

[Woman’s Day Special]: RTI Success Story [3 Of 5]

Every year, there are number of crimes against women happening throughout the country. Not all women muster the courage to speak up against the injustices happening to them. Women are also discouraged from raising their voice against the husband as she will be left alone and shunned by the society. Despite many obstacles women face, many courageous souls come forward to file official complaints and follow legal courses when required.

A similar brave lady Akansha from Delhi had filed a complaint with CAW Cell, Nanakpura.

Special Police Unit Nanakpura is a resolving body against matrimonial dispute under supervision and guidance of Joint Commissioner Of Police

CAW Cells reach out to women in need of help/services of police. Any woman experiencing violence, cruelty and dowry demand from husband and in-laws can contact CAW cells setup in every district.

She went ahead with the formalities and decided to raise her voice against the problems she was facing. After a lot of discussions, she reached an agreement with her husband in the presence of authorities. She filed RTI to receive a copy of the agreement and CAW complaint copy.

This would allow her to have a proof of the legal document which she can use in further formalities, if required. The CAW cell provides these documents along with CAW complaint copy under the RTI Act, 2005.

Despite problems, women are filing cases and complaints against the injustices they face from not just employers and miscreants but also their own family members. This is important to protect the rights of women which have been curbed and ignored since many years. Women use RTI to get copies of documents, CAW complaint copy and status of their complaints.

RTI is extremely useful as a tool to receive and collect important documentation and information necessary to assist in further legal actions.

We salute women like Akanksha who are aware of and exercise their rights to empower themselves.


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