Your road tax refund is stuck, now what?

Your road tax refund is stuck, now what?

Every Individual who has registered a car with the RTO (Regional Transport Office) is aware of the Road Tax they have to pay as a part of the registration process for using public roads.This tax is levied by the central government, state government and local authoritiesThe tax has to be paid at the time of registering your vehicle, depending on the rules of the different states the tax has to either be updated on a yearly basis or paid only once, as a lifetime tax.

The Road Tax paid to the RTO, however, is unlike other taxes because it is refundable under the following circumstances:

  1. If you are moving your vehicle from one state to the other, you will receive a refund from the state you are moving the vehicle out from.
  2. If you have used your vehicle for a period lesser than 15 years and decide to scrape it.

Even though this system of refund of taxes is very beneficial for the citizens, the execution of the refund involves a bit tedious procedure. It is also not so smooth always as it often occurs that the Road Tax Refund gets stuck at some level, leaving the citizen clueless how to move forward.

So what do you do? Well, obviously following up with the authorities is one of the options. But even if that fails, the next step to know about your Road Tax Refund is an RTI.

How can RTI help with Road Tax Refund?

RTI or the Right to information Act empowers every citizen of India to ask questions and obtain answers from a public authority. In case of a road tax refund, the Regional Transport Office (RTO) is a public authority. If you file an RTI, the Regional Transport Office will have to provide you with answers within a stipulated period of 30 days.

The answers you receive from the office will give you clarity as to where and why your Road Tax Refund is stuck. Based on the line of answers you receive, you can plan on what you could do next.

2 Simple Methods To File RTI for Road Tax Refund

Here, are two hand picked methods by which you can file an RTI

Method 1 - Directly drafting and addressing it to the RTO

  • Decide which RTO office you want to address your RTI query to.
  • Draft the copy online if your state has that option - for example Maharashtra has an online portal where you can file a query. Similarly if your state too allows for it you can do it online.
  • In case you do not have the online option you can still do it by drafting it on paper.
  • Fill in your personal details carefully.
  • Write the questions you seek answers to from the Public Information Officer or PIO. Make sure you frame your questions in a way which is easy for the PIO to understand your query
  • Pay the RTI fees as applicable in your state. Refer #11 here.

To know the correct format of filing an RTI, refer here.

However, it is important to know that drafting your RTI query correctly is crucial. Also knowing the exact office and the PIO to address is essential. Slightest mistake and your application can be rejected. For more, read -

Why is Drafting Needed for RTI and is So Important to do it Right?

Method 2- The Easier Way….

This method is rather simple and hassle free, all you have to do is to fill a simple form online and apply.

Yes, at all you need to do to file an RTI is to enter some basic information pertaining to details regarding your Road Tax Refund in a small simple form, and submit it successfully.

On successful submission our team of RTI experts will get in touch with you over phone call and understand in detail your concerns. We will then share with you a draft application which on your OK, will be sent to the correct authority. You need not leave the comforts of your home for this.

The authorities will answer directly to you and you can track all this process online on our website. Simple and easy, isn’t it?

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