Should I apply RTI for caste certificate?

Should I apply RTI for caste certificate?

"My caste verification was done smoothly and I am thankful to Online RTI for everything they did", said Anant Banait from Nashik.

Anant Banait’s had the same question in his mind,

"Should I apply RTI for caste certificate? Will it be helpful at all?".

He now knows how helpful RTI can be when used correctly. Anant's daughter needed to submit a caste certificate to her school authorities before her Class X board exams to avail the reservation quota. On 26th December 2016, she submitted all the essential documents for caste verification at the Jalgaon office. Many months passed, but she did not receive any certificate.

In the meantime, she has been to the office several times, but every time she was informed that the verification was still pending and asked her to wait for some more time. Not just her, event Anant Banait, her father and her mother had frequented the office, but to no avail.

What To Do Next?

Almost a year passed!

Caste certificate under RTI

However, on her next visit to the caste verification department official, she again went to the office, but was informed that

Since the application was filed a year back, it had become null and void.

This was when she was determined to end this ordeal and make sure that she receives her right to the benefits she deserves, and what can be more effective than filing for RTI caste certificate.
This problem is not of Anant’s or his daughter’s alone. Many people have gone through the harassment of moving from one office to another with the hope of getting their hands on the certificate of caste which they can use for the purpose of education and jobs. But, they have always encountered failure either due to the inefficiency of government servants or red tapism.

Get help from Online RTI

While her daughter was crestfallen and disheartened, Anant wanted to know what went wrong with the application and who all were behind the irresponsible attitude.

He contacted our experts who not just promised to help, but actually aided him in every possible way. At the very beginning, we asked him to submit all the queries he had, besides the need for the certificate, as he was frustrated with the nightmare he and his family had gone through.

We put forward the proposal of filling up the form on our website with the personal details and to give the correct information. Many a time, wrong spelling or misinformation leads to the application becoming ineffectual. We helped him create a draft and this was how his Online RTI appeared when he sent it through us.

• The progress made on a daily basis on the application and its current status on 26/12/2016.

• The names and posts of the officials who were assigned the application till the time she opted for the online RTI.

• The factors stated by the officials behind the slow movement in taking action on the application.

• Copies of files that would show her that her application was considered by the concerned officials for providing a certificate.

• A copy of the regulations/ norms / citizen's charter/ orders which state the timeline for disposal of aspects relevant to the application.
The date by when she would get a reply to her queries and when she would get the caste certificate.

  1. We gave him word that if we find any problem with the information he provided us with, we will contact him for the right information or help him take the correct decision.
  2. Our RTI for caste certificate specialists then requested her to make the payment and not be anxious in the least, as we have a fully functional payment gateway completely secure and safe.

At Online RTI, after having gone through the application, our professionals advised what documents would be needed (though he already knew this having sent them before for the first application) to make sure that he received the certificate as soon as possible.

We send RTI through speed post


After we had forwarded the application on his behalf, not only had he received the certificate, but also the answers to the questions he had brought forward. We let him know that if he was satisfied with the answers, a criminal prosecution could be started against the official whose name came up as being involved in the slow (or no processing) of the application of the caste certificate.

In accordance with the section 166 of The Indian Penal Code, the law can discipline or punish any public servant who disobeys the direction indicated by the government purposely; thereby being the cause of injury and hurt to any individual.

In case the RTI answers prove that the delay in releasing the caste certificate was caused by the sole mistake of one or more public servants, certain acts are attracted under the The Scheduled Castes And The Scheduled Tribes (Prevention Of Atrocities) Act Section 4, 1989 that implicate the offender in the mistake.

It states that a public servant assigned a work and required to perform it is punishable under the Act if he neglects his or her responsibility.

Online RTI professionals made every effort to make sure that he could put forward his statement to the concerned authorities and get the caste certificate delivered as quickly as possible.

Are you going through the same problem that Anant faced?

If yes, callOnline RTI for caste certificate under RTI; our experts will endeavor to help you get what is rightfully yours.


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